Apocalyptic Books

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“With all the talk about the Mayan calendar predicting the world ending in December 21, 2012, popularity of apocalyptic literature has skyrocketed.  People can’t get enough of when and how the world will end and what happens after.  There are thousands of books and papers dealing with this topic, but there are two main categories that most of the literature falls under: 1) religious versions and 2) Hollywood versions.” The apocalyptic book collection by Cassy Smith.


May the Odds Be in Your Favor…

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“A dystopia is a society that is repressed or heavily controlled. The society may center around religion, a particular person or idea, or the suffering, punishment, or exclusion of a person or people. Therefore…”  The Dystopian Collection by Jasmine Calloway-Woodard.

Gloria Steinem

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“Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.” -Gloria Steinem

Kathryn Thornton builds her collection on Gloria Steinem.

The Superb Herb

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Margaryta Seliverstova builds a collection of useful herbal books from education and government websites she names The Superb Herb. Also, check out the wonderful video her book building partner Nikki Gilliam and she made on created their edible book.

A Collection of Greek Mythology

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Martina Wilkinson finds joy in collecting obscure myths and Roman poetry in a collection of Greek mythology.

A Collection of Optimistic Science Fiction

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Matt Mundell explores the line between the beauty of the physical book and the future of the book as it develops into other media in his optimistic science fiction collection.

WARNING: Sexual Content

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William Vollmann’s visit to Honors 480, The Book Beautiful, served as first hand research for Megan Hairston’s collection of books banned for sexual content.

WARNING: Sexual Content